All Daily Essentials Within Your Employees’ Reach

We have got your back! Your employees can now order basic essentials from KobZo. KobZo’s platform gives access to a wide range of products including groceries, home essentials, stationeries and more, along with secure delivery options for all your employees.



Hungry? Order food online and get food delvered to your door steps.


We deliver all your kithcen favourite products, fruits and vegetables.

Dairy Products

Healthy fresh and organic Dairy products with rich source of energy.

Washing & Cleaning Supplies

Keep your family with our high quality Washing and Cleaning Supplies


Get all Stationery Products from wide range of categories and trusted brands.

Home Essentials

Buy wide range of Home Essentials from top brands with us.

COVID-Safe Initiative!

KobZo understands the difficulties associated with the lockdown and has become your employees’ one stop for all essentials. You can share KobZo’s initiative with your employees so they have access to these services.


Anything & Everything Available

Smooth Lockdown Services

KobZo has partnered with reputed services such as Metro Cash & Carry to ensure a smooth and safe lockdown for your employees.

Safe & Secure Delivery Channels

KobZo’s delivery channels will ensure ease, sanitation and safety throughout the delivery process.

Improve Employee Relations

Thoughtful actions such as this, will go a long way towards benefitting your organization and enhancing trust, respect and productivity in your company culture. This will consequently boost employee retention and satisfaction.

Increased satisfaction & happiness

Engaging with your employees will raise employee happiness and will thus greatly improve employee retention within your organization.