Setup Remote Workspace

KobZo knows how important it is to create a designated work space to maintain productivity. With this in mind, KobZo has launched an initiative to streamline your procurement process as well as assist in delivery and set up at remote workplaces for your employees.
Our products include:

Remote Workspace Checklist

KobZo has created a concise checklist to help you guide your efforts in creating the required work environment for your employees.

Vast Set Of Suppliers, Brands & Essentials

KobZo understands different companies have different requirements and tastes. We have created an easily accessible platform for you to procure all your office essentials.

Secure Delivery Options

Companies can rest assured that our streamlined and efficient delivery channels maintain all degrees of safety and sanitation.

Setup Assistance

KobZo’s excellent services ensure that the procured material is delivered to the required locations and required assistance is provided during setup.

Reap The Benefits With KobZo

Working From Home can create a confusing environment that mixes the feeling of professionalism with casualness and can thus lead to a drop in work productivity. Your company can help ensure that employee seriousness and productivity is maintained with KobZo.

No sudden lack of work essentials
Simple & straightforward platform
Efficient remote workspace
Secure delivery

Check your employee Preparedness

KobZo will help you evaluate the preparedness of your employee’s remote workstation.


Professional Tools

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Productivity Enhancement

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