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Working from home? Find it hard to manage work and home?
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Working from home? Find it hard to manage work and home?

The year 2020 was expected to be a golden year for the industry sector. But everything turned out just the opposite of what was planned and predicted. The pandemic changed the working cycle around the world. Unemployment became one of the key concerns of employees. But apart from that, employees also started panicking, stressing, and overloading themselves with work that might not even be required. Now we have come to a point where work from home has become our new normal. But have we actually adapted to it?

From senior employees to beginners, everyone is dealing with having work and household chores in the same place. The confusion has led to living both lives at the same time and ultimately causing a lot of stress and disturbance in their personal life.

To help you stay in check, here are a few ways you can create a wonderful work-life balance that does not fall prey to the above-mentioned problems:

1. Create your Check-list

It is difficult to come out of the comfort zone of staying at home and fitting your work schedule in it. But instead of doing it all together, planning out the day is important. In your free time, make a note of all the work you have to do which includes both professional and personal work. Divide time accordingly and place it where it is visible to you. If something has not to be done then shift it to the next day instead of over stressing about it. Changing your daily routine is difficult but the consistent effort can bring this change.

2. Create your own workspace

Working on the bed can be very tempting but it is also highly unhealthy in the long run. You cannot work in the same place where you also spend your hours sleeping. Not only does that lead to slower progress in work but it also disrupts the sleep cycle and keeps your body inactive. Find a separate place where you can work in peace and can stay active. Having a desk or a small portable desk and chair will be handier in such conditions.

3. Don’t hesitate, just ask.

Indecisiveness in asking for help and lack of communication is a common issue for all employees that are working from home. But that is the only key to progress. Asking questions related to work gives you a clear vision of your workflow and shows your interest in the company. Your opinions matter to the work you do. Try to open up with your boss as they are your best guides. You can also interact with the team unofficially to create better connections and general well-being.

4. Smash your Distractions

It gets very tempting when there is a new notification on your phone but it always starts with one notification and before you know half the day has passed by. While working try to switch of data for all the social media and play some soothing music which will keep you focused and positive. Set your targets and once completed reward yourself with some free time. That will help you maintain a balance.

5. Never run out of dreams

There is no full stop to the goals you have to achieve. You always have a long way to go and no crisis can stop it from happening. This is only a bad phase of life which will go eventually. Life has a lot more for you to achieve and be too proud of. Nothing is unachievable if persistent hard work and motivation are present.

6. Live at the moment

The major distraction while working is over thinking about something that is unnecessary. It leads to delay in daily routine and actually leads you nowhere. Stop having the fear of unemployment and just give your 100 percent to what you have now. Thinking about past or future decisions will only create redundant pressure. Live in the moment and work at the moment.

7. Work on your hobbies

Don’t just list your hobbies on your resumes and interviews - start doing them. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than doing what you like and being good at it. Weekends are more than just road trips and parties. Rather than getting depressed on the things you possibly could have done, try embracing this time at home in creating something that you like. Learn a new skill. Work can be monotonous sometimes and there might be thousands of ideas that crossed your mind. Utilize this time on implementing those ideas. If you are too tired then even watching something is like a vacation.

8. Exercise

As challenging as it sounds, taking out some time to exercise keeps your body active throughout the day. It’s much better than having 10 cups of coffee. Start by taking out 15mins a day to work out in any form you want to. It also helps you let out your frustration and helps your muscles relax.

9. Drink Water

Though this is the most convenient point, people often tend to forget it. Keeping yourself hydrated is a necessity. Keep two bottles beside you and set an alarm of having water every hour. That is the only distraction you need while working.

10. Take out some family time

Work is important. It gives you bread and butter but doesn’t forget the people you will be sharing this bread and butter with. Remember what they mean to you and how important they are. Be vocal about the hurdles you are facing, share your opinions, and be more involved in family discussions. If you are an introvert just sit and listen to what they are saying. That helps you be more yourself and stay grounded.

People are talking about depression and mental health. This Pandemic is a wakeup call for all the people who took their life for granted and were not maintaining a work-life balance. Take the initiative and start working on yourself, everything else will fall into place eventually.

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